This is NOT a real credit loan; it’s a desperate attempt to charge more from the typical prepaid customer who runs out of credit.

[Taking loans is bad. I do not like to spend what I don’t have.]

I once activated this when I ran out of credits after someone needed my phone to take some calls. After activating, the balance showed -30 LKR, and I was unable to browse using WAP, or use any other service apart from calls, which wasn’t the requirement for me.
Then I cycled to a nearby shop and bought a ‘smart’ reload card, and topped up my account with 100 LKR, and after the top-up the balance showed as 70 LKR, even if I didn’t take a single call using the so called ‘loan’.

[It must be definitely a bug in the account balance checking method when a connection is made through packet data. The authorization method for calls is able to use a minus value, while the other authorization and account balance checking methods returning false at times when the account balance is less than or equal to zero]

Thereafter I called the customer care, the call dropped twice, once after the agent picked up my call and were ‘busy’ looking for a solution, ending the two free customer care calls.

Somehow, in the third time (after being exposed to ads more than 5 minutes), I was able to successfully reach an agent. I inquired why the WAP wasn’t functional when I activated the ‘loan’ and why didn’t they notice whether the ‘loan’ is applicable for value added services such as WAP.

The agent was clueless at first because I talked about the small print, and after sometime told me that there are TWO account balances in my account. One for the free calls left from the ‘loan’ and the other one containing the real balance. He told that if I make a call, it would be directly charged from the free calls balance and asked me check next time when I make a call. I said thank you and hung up.

After sometime I had to make a call, and saw the call has been charged from my ‘normal balance’. I didn’t want to call the customer care again to ‘confirm’ that agent my credit has gone missing.

Over the past few weeks I have been disappointed at Mobitel and also I’m not happy about the tariff for the data consumer. Mobitel charges 98 LKR (VAT included) to give a 200MB per week naming it as weekly freedom. I usually do not activate this unless I want to download something over 10 mega bytes. (That’s right; I’ve been paying more than 500 LKR for just over 5 Megabytes per month for packet data)

In the meantime, Airtel Lanka has come up with a fairly simple plan of offering 400MB of data for 99 LKR per month, and I’m thinking of trying it out though I wasn’t happy with the signal strength of the Airtel 3G network even in where I live, Bambalapitiya the ‘Las Vegas’ in the capital Colombo of Sri Lanka.

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